NOXEM 129 NOx sensor emulator



11787590402 alternative

NOx Sensor / emulator



Bottom of the car, passenger side, access form car’s bottom



BMW | F10/11 with N53B30 series petrol engine



11787590402 (actual release)



Following NOx sensor error messages:


12C104 NOx sensor, binary oxygen sensor: Line disconnection

12C108 NOx sensor, binary oxygen sensor: Short circuit

12C204 NOx sensor, linear oxygen sensor: Line disconnection

12C208 NOx sensor, linear oxygen sensor: Short circuit

12C304 NOx sensor, heating: Activation, line disconnection

12C308 NOx sensor, heating, activation: short circuit

12C401 NOx sensor, Plausibility, signal activity too low

12C501 NOx sensor, sensor poisoning: binary lambda signal too lean

12C502 NOx sensor, sensor poisoning: binary lambda signal too rich

12C504 NOx sensor, sensor poisoning: NOx signal too low

12C601 NOx sensor, operating readiness: Signal not available at start

12C602 NOx sensor, operational readiness: signal not available during operation

12C701 NOx sensor, heating: Heat output too low during starting

12C702 NOx sensor, heating: Heat output too low during operation

12C704 NOx sensor, heating: Supply voltage

12C801 NOx sensor, oxygen sensor before catalytic converter, plausibility: correlation fault

12C901 NOx sensor, adjustment: fault at start of charging phase

12CA01 NOx sensor, trailing-throttle check: binary lambda signal too rich

12CA02 NOx sensor, trailing-throttle check: linear lambda signal too rich

12CA04 NOx sensor, overrun test: NOx signal too low

12CA08 NOx sensor, overrun test: NOx signal too high

12CB01 NOx sensor, regeneration, nitrogen-oxide cat.: regeneration monitoring

12CB02 NOx sensor, regeneration, nitrogen-oxide cat.: time-controlled regeneration abort

12CC01 NOx sensor, oxygen sensor signal after regeneration, dynamics: Binary dynamic response too low

12CD01 NOx sensor, self-diagnosis: limit value 1 exceeded

12CD02 NOx sensor, self-diagnosis: limit value 2 exceeded

12CE01 NOx sensor, version: incorrect

CD8510 Lost Communication With NOx Sensor ‘A’


Following NOx catalytic converter error messages:

180401 NOx catalytic converter: Efficiency below limit


Following diagnostics live data:

Stratified charge: disabled

The engine performs Homogeneous injection mode only

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Rough idle (cold and/or hot engine)
  • Uneven run at mid/high loads
  • Misfires and error messages about misfires
  • Error messages about cylinder’s and/or bank’s fuel trim
  • Problems with cold engine start

  • Restores normal operation of NOx system and fuel economy
  • DOES NOT require NOx catalytic converter replacement
  • Restores creation of cylinders individual and bank fuel adaptations for idle, mid/high loads, cold engine – smooth operation at all conditions
  • Restores Stratified charge and Homogeneous lean fuel injection modes, regeneration, and desulfation of NOx catalytic converter
  • Increased lifetime: average more than 300’000 km

Installation of NOXEM 402. Introduction

Installation of NOXEM 402. Encoding


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NOXEM series NOx emulator is built using the highest quality components

  • Bosch’s latest-generation sensor, controlled and measured by ourselves developed analog control module provides the highest accuracy of exhaust Lambda value. Now you can use NOx emulator Lambda data as reference
  • Up to 30V overvoltage and wrong supply polarity protection guarantee highest resistance to cars on-board voltage spikes
  • High precision reference frequency oscillator and industrial temperature grade components provide uninterruptible operation in a wide temperature range
  • High power oversized sensor control stage reduce heating and facilitate operation of electronics module at high temperatures
  • Double sealed construction with 5mm stainless steel base plate is a guaranty of long and safe operation in hard environment conditions

Electrical characteristics

  • Power supply: +9.0 .. +16.0V DC
  • Long-term over-voltage (1 hour): +24.0V DC
  • Short-term over-voltage (1 second): +30.0V DC
  • Wrong polarity short-term over-voltage (1 second): -30.0V DC
  • Maximal current consumption (+14.0V DC; +25oC): 2.5A
  • Average current consumption (+14.0V DC; +25oC): 0.8A
  • Operation temperature: -40oC .. +105oC

Attention! While using NOXEM 402 NOx sensor emulator, the NOx level, emitted by the engine in some modes can differ from value, specified by the manufacturer. The user of the product assumes full responsibility for compliance with emission standards, valid in the country of use.

NOXEM restores the normal performance of the NOx system, which is one of the main conditions for correct engine performance. Affirmation for the successful performance of NOXEM – no new error messages regarding NOx sensor in the memory of MSD87 (exception: 12C401, detailed information read here). However, NOXEM does not guarantee the excellent performance of the engine, if the engine has others, not related to NOx system, defects and/or the required coding procedures (clearing of adaptations and re-adaptation of the engine) after installing NOXEM are not performed correctly/not performed at all.

Installation: introduction


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