Desulphation of NOx catalytic converter using ISTA D/+

Activating of forced desulfation session of NOx catalytic converter, using ISTA D/+

  1. Start a new session with ISTA D/+, perform the identification of the vehicle and a test:

BMW ISTA start new session

2.   open menu Vehicle management:

BMW ISTA vehicle management menu

3.   open menu Service function:

BMW ISTA Service menu

4.   open sub-menu Power train, press Start search:

BMW ISTA Powertrain menu

5.   open sub-menu Engine Electronics:

BMW ISTA Engine Electronics menu

6.   open sub-menu Nitrogen oxide catalytic converter:

BMW ISTA NOx converter menu

7.  choose the option Nitrogen oxide catalytic converter regeneration, press Start Search:

Follow instructions on screen.


8. Fill up at least 1/2 of the fuel tank


9. Select Vehicle information/Control unit tree

10. Select DME; press Call up ECU functions

11. Select Diagnosis scan; press N53: engie operating values

12. Select from the list:

a) Display, operating mode

b) exhaust-gas temperature

c) signal, Oxygen sensor before catalytic converter (bank 1 or 2)

d) Sulphur saturation, lean NOx cat

13. Press Read status

14. Drive your car with a speed at least 110 km/h at least 20..30 minutes

15. During Desulfation session monitor the parameters selected above. If Desulfation session begins:

a) temperature of the exhaust will reach 600 oC

b) injection mode will remain Homogeneous and the voltage of the Lambda probe will drop below 1.90 V

c) poisoning value will slowly decrease

16. Desulfation session is successfully finished if remaining poisoning is less than 25..30 % of the initial value.