MSD80 repair service

30BA DME digital motor electronics, internal failure
30BB DME digital motor electronics, internal failure


29CD misfirings, cylinder 1

29CE misfirings, cylinder 2

29CF misfirings, cylinder 3

29D0 misfirings, cylinder 4

29D1 misfirings, cylinder 5

29D2 misfirings, cylinder 6

(if these errors cannot be fixed replacing ignition coil; spark plug; injector)


2E18 ignition, cylinder 1

2E19 ignition, cylinder 2

2E1A ignition, cylinder 3

2E1B ignition, cylinder 4

2E1C ignition, cylinder 5

2E1D ignition, cylinder 6

The engine cannot be started

The engine works on 2 (N43) or 3 (N53) cylinders:

  • no fuel for the damaged bank (cylinders 1;2;3 or 4;5;6: N53; 1;4 or 2;3: N43);
  • no ignition for the damaged bank.

Error 30BA or 30BB cannot be cleared (re-appear)


Permanent misfires (after replacement of spark plug; ignition coil; injector)

All (4/6 pcs) ignition coil drivers (transistors) and/or low-side injectors drivers are replaced with an improved models.

New drivers are characterized by:

  • higher maximal allowed voltage (480 .. 600V instead of 250V)
  • higher maximal allowed current (18.0 .. 50.0A instead of 8.9A)
  • lower losses: lower voltage drop at ON state
  • increased robustness: 300W power dissipation and overvoltage protection



Detailed information about the problem

Protection solution for transistors and ignition coils