Customer pays for everything. Part 2

The car was brought to the service to start the repair works.
Unfortunately, the correct upgrade of the Integration level was not possible, because of the “specialists” have turned off the SINE – siren module.
Why was this module switched off? Because the “specialists” were not able to find out why the car alarm goes out regularly. It is easier to switch it off, not to repair it.
SINE was disconnected without isolating the plug and the socket.

Accordingly – the contacts of the plug are oxidized, the wires are rotten. Now the plug and cables should be replaced. It is possible that the SINE module also will need to be replaced. Then solve problems with DWA itself – find out why the alarm was going out.

Uploading the stock software in DME, using winKPF, DME was started in the test mode. The NOXEM was installed to restore the Stratified charge. The injectors were encoded, re-adaptation of the engine was performed.

Before focusing on the situation after re-adaptation, some remarks:

  • release of the OEM NOx sensor – 01. It is an initial release. Obviously, the sensor is at least 10 .. 11 years old.; for last 9 .. 10 years the car has not worked in Stratified charge mode. Without illusions – the NOx catalytic converter is destroyed;
  • the ignition coils are dated with the Year 2012, so – for the last eight years, no maintenance was performed. Here, how the ignition coil looks like after taking off the insulating tape:

The overall view of the ignition coils. Technical condition – miserable.

The ignition coils were numbered; the numbers did not match the numbering of cylinders. Obviously, the fight with misfires was desperate.

But now, back to the engine. After re-adaptation we see, that cylinder No.1 has increased mechanical efficiency. Yes, after several idle cycles, DME evens out the effectiveness of cylinders, but cylinder No.1 looks “suspicious”.

Here, Stratified charge data in idle.

As we see:

  • the injector of cylinder No.1 leaks (drips in closed condition), dripping is confirmed by increased mechanical efficiency of the cylinder in Homogeneous mode;
  • mechanical efficiency of cylinder No.6 in Homogeneous mode is correct, but in Stratified charge – reduced. Obviously, the injector has very bad atomization (the fuel is injected not in a fine mist, but poured).

Here, the error message regarding injector of cylinder No.6 is already recorded:

During the cold start of the engine, dripping of the injector No.6 in closed condition was indicated. It was confirmed by:

  • increased mechanical efficiency of cylinder No.6;
  • Lambda of the 2-nd bank is around 0.85 .. 0.90;
  • integrator of the 2-nd bank around -25 .. -30%.

But the owner of the car said that directly these injectors had been replaced! Is he mistaken? Or already it is a stage – “I will better tell, that everything is changed; otherwise, another spare part will have to be replaced without any justification!”. Maybe the service did not change the injectors at all?

Let’s see which injectors were encoded:
1: Yes
2: No
3: No
4: No
5: No
6. Yes
Of course, the encoding can not be guaranteed for 100%, because it can coincide that the new injector is with a similar encoding as the old one. But, the possibility that exactly the injectors No.1 and No.6 are identical, but all another are not encoded – 1 of million.
So: it looks that the injectors of cylinders No.1 and No.6 ARE replaced!

What are the releases of the injectors?
1: 02
2: 02
3: 11
4: 02
5: 11
6: 02
What, please? The injectors replaced are of release 02? These injectors are at least ten years old! Maybe precisely, the injectors of cylinders No.1 and No.6 are not replaced (they are installed in the factory)? Also, such a scenario is possible.
The owner of the car did not want to reveal, did he paid for used, but “good” injectors or the service has cheated by taking money for new injectors, but installing the old ones – it remains the responsibility of the owner of the car and the repairer.
The obvious is that the previous “repair” of repair of the injectors if such was done, was utterly useless. Money for injectors and replacement is wasted – the injectors have to be replaced again!


Several more notes for the existing situation:

  • as we see, injectors of cylinders No.3 and No.5 are replaced (the injectors of the newest (11-th) release are installed) but are not encoded. Truly, a mark of very “professional” repair;
  • due to peculiarities of the software, cylinders No.3 and No.5 are the first ones, which have imminent problems if the NOx system is damaged and the Stratified charge is turned off. With high possibility – problems of these cylinders were not connected with the injectors, but directly with missing data of the injectors (which was caused by forbidden Stratified charge);
  • the injector release 02 is very, very old. In normal conditions, these injectors would be replaced within the framework of the recall. Unfortunately, in our country (the car was purchased locally), the dealer ignored many recalls, only during the last years the situation has improved.

One more problem appeared: when accelerating, DME recorded the error message regarding HPFP, and the notification regarding the reduced power of the engine appeared in KOMBI/CCC. Analysis of live data indicated that the problem of LPFP appears periodically:

  • when driving evenly, voltage, supplied to the pump, changes in the range of 8.1 .. 8.9V, current 7.8 .. 9.2A. Accordingly – the fluctuation of the power is around 35%. Obviously, the motor itself or the LP system (defect of some valve of connection of pipes) has problems;
  • in the moment of more rapid acceleration, the LPFP pressure changes in an extensive range (3.5 .. 5.5 Bar) and fluctuates very rapidly – exactly the rapid fluctuation of LPFP pressure can be the cause of HPFP problems. The owner of the car explained that the LPFP is restored. Obviously, restoring was not very successful. One more position of unjustified spendings. A new set of LPFP, pipes un fuel filter should be purchased and installed.

So, due to the failure of the dealer, the injectors are not replaced; due to unqualified repair – two injectors have to be replaced once again. In addition – problems with SINE and DWA should be solved. As if restored LPFP has to be replaced repeatedly. Nothing of this should be done if the 3-rd person would act in good faith and professionally!
But, as you can read already in the title of the entry: the customer pays for everything!


To be continued.