Attention! INPA and N43

INPA used the same loader both for N43 and N53 series engines. Thereby – if the N43 series engine is diagnosed, some questions regarding menu, where the performance of injectors/cylinders is displayed, arise.


For example, ../F5/Shift + F6/F1 looks like this:

Question: which cylinder is who in the picture (as you see, for example, cylinders No.2 and No.4 are displayed as inactive)?


Firing order of 6 cylinder engine: 1/5/3/6/2/4

Firing order of 4 cylinder engine: 1/3/4/2


Here is the answer:

The same principle is used for injectors coding menu ../F9/Shift +F4


For example, ../F5/F7 (Rough run menu) and in the cylinder test block (../F9/F2) cylinders are displayed in firing order, accordingly: first four cylinders are active (in firing order).


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