MSD87. Rough run menu

In this entry – basic information regarding Rough run menu and Cylinder selective test unit of MSD87.


To view data, an MSD87 Loader 3.700 was used. If you use another Loader, the data difference is possible.

Location of the Rough run menu – has not changed since MSD80: ../F5/F7

The sequence of cylinders in the menu: firing order (1/5/3/6/2/4).
Bar indicates time, which each cylinder is “working” – accordingly – positive bar value: reduced mechanical efficiency of the cylinder.


Bar “sensitivity”:

In the image – switched off the 1-st cylinder. In the case of completely switched off cylinder: +6.5..7.0 units (similarly as for N53/MSD80). The algorithm works properly – chaotical shivering of the bar (typical for MSD80/81 earliest software releases) is not observed.


The cylinder management menu has changed the place of location: ..F6/F4/F2

Unfortunately, the job of this menu has very rough mistakes. To evaluate the sensitivity of Rough run menu, unfortunately, starting with F3 (also in this menu – cylinder sequence: firing order), DME doesn’t restore the previous cylinder – the engine tried to work on 4 cylinders.
One more significant nuance: restoring the performance of all cylinders: F9 (not F8). Quite large disappointment, because for ISTA D/+ this test block also has mistakes, also – ISTA doesn’t allow to “leave” this test block to see the mechanical efficiency of cylinders or Fuel mixture data.